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    Cozy Arizona. dietpoprecords

  2. The Hunger Artists are layin’ it down with the latest Trundle Session! Check it out now and subscribe online!

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    El Paso’s Dubois performed their song “Lines On A Map” for the Trundle Sessions. Thanks to Farsh for letting us use his AMAZING camera for the session!

    We had to postpone last week’s Trundle Session for a few days… until then, watch this playlist with ALL of the Trundles! Like the ones that are your favorite and we’ll make a users choice playlist with the best ones!

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    Dear Friends,

    Today, we are releasing the official music video for our song “Not So Body Posi After All” into the world. I am so excited to share it with you and I hope you share it too. This music video is about learning to be comfortable in your own skin, and learning to love your body, even if it sometimes feels like goofy mush. 

    Thank you to all of my friends who bared their souls (AND THEIR BODS), for this project. They are brave and beautiful people and I wouldn’t want to live in a world without them. Thank you to the Goddess House collective for providing a safe and beautiful venue to film at and BIG THANK YOU’S to Miranda Reilly, Daniel Torres and Cameron Hughes who helped with the filming of this video. They are amazing people, who also volunteer at an amazing space called Bridgetown DIY.

    I hope you guys like the video. Please be respectful in your comments. Any body shaming or sexualizing comments would be antithetical to the message of the song/video.

    Love, Dan

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    Arroyo Deathmatch is part of a great DIY and punk community in Albuquerque- a community they have helped foster with the collective they helped form: the Goathead Record Collective. This part also features a live video of the band playing their song "As An Instrument" at the Bridgetown DIY show where we interviewed them. In part two, they discuss the creation of the collective and creative fundraising. 

    So guys have a really strong scene in Albuquerque, and you guys are also involved in the Goathead Record Collective? Which seems like something that’s come together in the last couple years?

    Matt: It’s fresh, we had our year anniversary of like picking a name and starting to work on things on April Fools Day. After we started, we spent a few weeks organizing what we wanted and what we wanted to do with the collective.  We wanted it to be a real collective, by that I mean we wanted a collective that actually had people collaborating and granting recording access to people that don’t have it.

    You guys did a Kickstarter for that?

    Alex: Yeah we did, and we raised about a thousand dollars online but we did about three thousand or so through benefit shows and movie nights and yard sales. Hustling in person, which we ended up liking a lot better. It was a lot more fun.

    Jett: Oh my god, the best way to raise money is a garage sale.

    Alex: seriously, better than any Kickstarter.

    Jett: Kids always have weird shit that people will buy.

    Alex: Yard sales, that was huge. And then once we had that money we bought the components of a mobile recording studio which we wanted to share with the community.

    So essentially people start coming in to meetings and letting us know what they needed. We would pair them with a sound engineer and they would work on the project together using the equipment for free. We would do our best to hype the release once it was ready and let people who we know, “hey people in our underground community are releasing this CD, you should check it out.”

    Jett: that’s how it started and then we were also decided we wanted to help anyone that has any crazy idea that would be creative and awesome. So we started our own zine called Goat Milk Zine. It’s a submission-based zine we put together. We just have random themes that we decide. We’ve had a poetry reading. Two poetry readings called No Gods No Non-Fiction, a ladyfest just came out of someone’s idea. [Goathead] is kind of an idea factory and we’re like, “that’s crazy- let’s do it”. We end up- as a group, we have enough resources- making people’s dreams and ideas become real things.

    Alex: Absolutely. We see it as a pool of resources for a crazy idea and then we just get it done.

    They all seem rooted in a similar political consciousness that I think a lot of people characterize as being on the radical left or anarchist. Do you guys kind of subscribe to that view or does the community have leanings toward more radical things.

    Alex: I think it’s a spectrum. There are people involved in the collective that I’d describe as political moderates. They are some valued community members. I don’t think you have to be a black flag waving anarchist to understand that there are benefits to organizing in ways that anarchists organize.  

    There are some grey flag wavers and I wouldn’t trade those people  for other people ever, ever. That’s why we’re not Goathead “Anarchist” Collective because we operate within some… we take inspiration from some ideologies, certainly, in the way we’re structured and the way we do things but you don’t have to be a veteran of like G8 protests or anything to be part of what we do. We prefer people who are gonna be considerate of other people over people of a certain political ideology any day.

    Jett: All our events are all ages, we really mean it so we have a lot of young kids and we really believe in investing in our youth. Because when we’re all old and jaded and shit, we want those kids to

    Matt: Step up

    Jett: Yeah, step up. And also like people who are older and feel like they don’t know anyone- we really want everyone, all ages.

    Alex: So some of us are definitely political radicals, some of us are anarchists. Some of us, I don’t know, wouldn’t subscribe to any ideology I don’t think.

    Beth: Except for DIY.

    Alex: Except for DIY. 

    Beth: That’s the unifying ideology, to do it yourself and do it together- to make things happen together with the resources we have.

    Alex: I agree.

    So are there a lot of other bands who have the same feelings about doing it DIY in ABQ? Who are really into the DIY ethic.

    Jett: Yeah, we have like eight solid, what we call “family bands”, who we’ve just met. It’s been like a year. Now people are like “What does it mean to be a Goathead band?” and we had to have a symposium and sit everyone down to say “OK, lets really nail this shit down.” But yeah, there are bands who are like “Oh I agree.” There were three bands on April Fools Day that sat down and had brunch.

    Beth: Was it Easter that day? 

    Jett: Yeah, and April Fools Day. So we had an Easter Brunch at someone’s house and there was three [bands]: Vassar BastardsThe Leaky Faces, and us. Then just about any band in our friend groups, or just young people who play the same shows as us, benefited. We were like “do you wanna play shows with us? Want to use our recording equipment? Do you need help?” and they normally just jump right in.

    Alex: And once we offer them help, they offer us help. It’s crazy, it’s immediately collaborative. So even if people are not strictly familiar with DIY, it’s human nature to want to collaborate, to want to share, and want to cooperate so people do that with us.


    Stick around for part 3, which will feature the premier of a new Arroyo Deathmatch single!


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    What, Dogbreth?!?! I thought you guys were called Dogbert! I feel like such an ass

    It’s ok, happens all the time

  8. This event is going to be amazing! Check out the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/547591872030226/

    This event is going to be amazing! Check out the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/547591872030226/

  9. El Paso’s Dubois performed their song “Lines On A Map” for the Trundle Sessions. Thanks to Farsh for letting us use his AMAZING camera for the session!

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    Straight Tumblin’ over this new Trundle Session from arroyodeathmatch!!!! SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE ALWAYS!

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